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Before I started making an illustration, I’d prefer making a color scheme of my design, it could be monochrome, split, complementer. Last few years I’m in love with teal colours or medium blue-green. Everyone such bait me with the colours, eye catching, and kind of hype colours since 2016. Designing with kind of cute colours, dunno why but since I never print-out the artwork and stay it as RGB, it easily shown up as RGB colour, and have some highlight colours, not like CYMK do.


To making an easy and cute vector – of course at Adobe Illustrator. I’d prefer making a stuff around me, start to learning how the stuff without outline can making a difference distance between the items. Vector could be easy if we already know how to bend over or curves the pointer. I’d say my magic button is SHIFT, ALT and COMMAND when using point tools.

Try to make a leaf shape with point tools, Pick the colour from the grid and choose any colour you like. Pick the colour with CMD+i. If you couldn’t that easy making that leave, just tracing from any picture of leaf you found in google.

After you have making that leaf shape, next step is making the bones. making a bone with outline vector, pick colour a step darker than the leaf. Don’t over dark, just a step darker.

Tips:  Making the line not over stiff with Variable Width Profile

Variable Width Profile

Now just start to making another leaves, make it much and different shapes. Use it with another colour of green or any colour you likes. Another cute colour could you pick easily from google of picture you capture. I like to capture random picture to get colour schemes. It’s cool, like you have your own colour themes.


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